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McVan Scotties was founded by Dr. Vandra L. Huber in 1982. Upon their marriage in 1986, Michael Krolewski joined the McVan team. Vandra is responsible for the breeding program and does most of the showing the Scottish terriers - her schedule permitting. She also judges dog shows, being approved to judge the terrier group, all poodles and bearded collies. She is a provisional judge of numerous toy breeds.


In 2005, Vandra was honored to judge the National Specialty of the Scottish Terrier Club of America at Montgomery County. She has also judged several regional specialties including Great Western, Dallas, Washington, Michigan, and Lousiville. She has judged national specialties in Japan and Germany. She will be judging at terrier shows in Australia, Sweden before the 2008 world show, and Brazil in the near future.


Vandra & OscarLoving, breeding and showing Scotties is a full-time passion but not the full time occupation of Vandra and Michael. Vandra is an industrial psychologist. She is a Full Professor of Human Resources and Management at the Michael G. Foster Business School at the University of Washington in Seattle Washington. Her areas of expertise are staffing, compensation and negotiations. and staffing and negotiations. She is the faculty director of the graduate level Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) program which teaches nonbusiness graduate students and adult learners the fundamentals of owning and operating a business. She also is the Faculty Director of Global Study Programs for the business school. She has taken students to India and South Africa. She also is active with the Business and Economic Development Center where she co-authored the Washington Small Business Report. She is also an adjunct professor of pharmacy.


An avid travel Vandra has been to Bosnia to teach and help start a business school, Ireland and England, Germany, UgandaThe Netherlands, Korea, and India and Korea with students from the University of Washington.


Most recently Vandra traveled to Uganda with a nonprofit Bead for Life This program helps the very poorest Uganda women climb out of poverty. Not only did she learn about the program but she helped build a Habitat for Humanity House in the Beader's Village for a woman with advanced HIV. A house costs approximately $2,200 to build and has 3-4 rooms made out of brick (6,000). If you want to help Ugandan Women go to the Bead for Life Website and buy beads. You can also go on a future trip with them to Uganda. It will change your life.

About Michael


Michael works behind the scenes. He lugs and hauls at dog shows, serves as back-up groomer doing some finish coat work and cares for the McVan clan when Vandra's out of town. He also assists with the whelping the puppies and breeding of dogs. He's particularly good at getting newborns to nurse. To date, he has judged two Scottish Terrier sweepstakes (San Francisco Bay and Tampa) and lots of matches. Eventually, he says he will get around to applying for a AKC judge's license.


Michael is a software engineer for Rosetta Informatics, a subsidiary company of the mega-pharmaceutical company Merck Michael works with massive data bases relating to the human genome. His goal is to help researchers speed up the drug discovery process by locating DNA markers. Michael is an avid photographer and takes lots of pictures at dog shows for our friends and on your various travels. Check out his various photo albums on his photo page at SmugMug.


Michael is currently on the board of directors of the All Terrier Club of Western Washington (ATCWW) He has also served as president, vice president, treasurer and show chairman for the club. Michael also served as President, Vice President and Treasurer of the Washington State Scottish Terrier Club but is not longer a member. Vandra and Michael have been members of The Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) or more than 20 years. Vandra served as a board member from 1994-96 and is a frequent contributor to the Bagpiper, the STCA breed magazine. An article she wrote with Danica Burge and Darle Heck won the 2005 Dog Writers of America Robert Cole Award for the Best Article on Canine Anatomy.


Michael served as a board member of the STCA's Health Trust. He founded the yahoo group Scottish Terrier Forum to help breeders and fanciers openly discuss health issues. Anyone can join the group who wants to learn or share. He uses is knowledge of genetics to help separate fact from fiction regarding genetic linkages of Scottie-related ailments. Both Vandra and Michael have served on the Tally Committee and helped raise more than $10,000 for the STCA Health Trust Fund when it was initially started. Vandra and Michael also are members of Sirius About Dogs, a Seattle charity which raises money for canine programs and helps educate the public about responsible dog ownership. A small group of dedicated dog breeders, Sirius welcomes anyone who is interested in purebred dogs. Sirius has raised money for police dogs, Reading with Rover, the Dog Museum, and veterinary scholarships. Their annual match and games day is held Fathers' Day weekend. Vandra and Michael also have been members of the Sammamish Kennel Club, the Border Terrier Club of America and the Bearded Collie Club of America.

Involvement with Other Breeds

Vandra has also owned and bred several other terrier breeds, an affenpincher and even a miniature poodle. She owned an affenpincher Ch. Tamerin Ticket which was bred by Jackie and Terry Stacy. Ticket was the #4 Affenpincher in all breed points in 2004. In 2002, Am. Can. Ch. Gayle's My Girl became the top winning miniature poodle and No. 2 nonsporting dog in dog in Canada. Shown by Shawn Nicholls, "Mia" earned multiple Best in Show wins in Canada and won groups in the U.S. Mia was bred and is co-owned by Gale Rivers. Vandra along with Julie Dalbey and Debbie Stevenson owned Ch. Somerset's Keep on Truckin'. Tipper was the Number 3 ranking (Pedigree and Canine Chronicle rankings for 2001) Jack Russell Terrier in the U.S. With her Canada friend Darle Heck, she has bred and owns specialty winning wire fox terriers. She has also shown, owned and bred Smooth Fox Terriers with Billie Lou Robinson of Raybill Kennels, Border Terriers with Laurel Tofflemire, and Cairn Terriers with Ed Cook.