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The goal of McVan Scotties has always been to produce high quality show and companion Scottish Terriers for the fancy. We do NOT mass breed Scotties. Dogs and bitches are carefully screened to insure that genetic problems inherent to the breed are minimized. Mates for our Scotties are carefully selected. Our breeding program is limited to about two litters a year. We never breed to the most convenient dog or the cheapest stud dog; but we DO breed to dogs which we feel possess type, temperament, soundness and genetics that best compliments our Scottie lassies. We try to breed Scottish Terriers that exemplify the standard (See Vandra's article on How to Examine a Scottish Terrier). In terms of conformation, we strive for strong fronts, level top lines, low to ground, sound Scottish Terriers. Dogs are not kenneled but grow up as members of the family This, we believe, accounts for their friendly outgoing personality and fire in the ring.

We conduct a variety of genetic and anatomical tests on our Scottish Terriers that are used in our breeding program. We require buyers of our puppies to allow genetic testing of their dogs if it will enhance knowledge of breed-specific ailments. This usually in involves a DNA cheek swap that is painless and easy to do. At a minimum, we test for von Willebrand's Disease, Patellar Luxation, and Autoimmune thyroiditis or CERF(eyes). These tests are recommended by the Scottish Terrier Club of America on dogs we use in breeding. We also test for, legg-calve-perthes, and congenital heart ailments. Check out our dogs as well as others on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals(OFA) website.