Am. Can. Ch. McVan's Wizard of Aus of Warscot





Owner: Pam Ryan-Orchard




Am. Can. Ch. McVan's Wizard of Aus of Warscot "Willie" was our gift to Australia.

Willie was bred by Nancy Warfield (Warscot) and Vandra (McVan) and is the only American-Canadian Scottish Terrier to be imported into Australia (that we are aware of). Willie was WD and BISweeps at the San Francisco Bay Scottish Terrier Club show to finish his American championship. He finished his Canadian championship with a Best Puppy in Show and beat the top ranking Canadian special, the first time he was shown as a special.

Under Pam's stewardship, Willie earned 100 points to attain his Australian championship which is quite difficult. He also has garnered three Best in Show at the Bairnsdale and District Kennel Club and the Warragul & District Kennel Club and the Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria.

His BOB wins have included such prestigious shows as the Royal Melbourne Show, Sporting Terrier Club of Victoria and Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. The judges for these events were Desmond Murphy, Betsy Dale, and Mrs. Anne Katona (all US) respectively. Other important wins have included the Royal Tasmanian Agricultural Society - Dr Phillip John - India, Hobart Dogfest - Mrs G Johnson -New Zealand and Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria - Mr Luc Detry - Belguim. Pam's friend Sue Johnson has shown Willie when Pam has been in the ring with Willie's son.