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The Flash Man Wins his 7th specialty

Am. Can. More...

New Champion McVan's Bop to the Top

McVan's Bop to the Top aka Topper finished his US championship by going Winner's Dog at the Scottish Terrier Club of California under terrier expert Wood Wornall. Topper was went Best in Sweepstakes under breeder judge Steve Russell. More...

Two National Specialties; 2 McVan Scotties

It doesn't happen often but it did for us. Gch. More...

Nora Finishes Her Israeli Championship

McVan's Come Away with Me "Nora" finished her Israeli championship at Terrier Club Show in Savion ( israel) under Breeder Judge Goran Gladic. She went BOS. More...

Juniors and Scotties



Scottish Terriers are not the easiest dogs to show in 4-H and AKC junior showmanship competition. They have several strikes against them. First, Scotties think too much and may, on occasion, be a bit naughty or comical in the ring. Second, they are small dogs who are less likely to be noticed than sporting, hound and working dogs. Also Scotties are not designed to free bait. It takes a special, dedicated and determined young person to show a Scottie in junior showmanship. But, showing a Scottie is well worth it. Learning to groom and handle a Scottie is a true test of a young person's handling expertise.



Because Vandra and Michael were unable to have human children, Vandra loves to a "show auntie" to young people interested in the breed. Through the years, she has worked with several young women, helping them learn to love, groom and show Scotties in the conformation ring and in junior showmanship.She first worked with the Omatsu sisters Cheryl and Candace. Cheryl is shown at left showing Ch. McVan's Good Golly Miss Molly. Candace now in her 20s, won Best Junior honors with Intl Am. Can. PR Ch. McVan's Sandman. She also showed Ch. Sidewater Ray Charles of Lakelyn. Sister Cheryl is now married with two children. Candace still shows dogs on the weekend and works at Group Health. My how time flies!!

Whitney Shafer of Chyscott Scottish Terriers in Wyoming has become one of the most accomplished young person to have shown McVan Scotties in junior showman and breed competition.


On her first outing with a McVan a Scottie, the wee lassie Ch. McVan's Pen Pal of Caevnes did flips in the ring at Great Western. Not a very good beginning. But the team did get the most laughs. But from there, Whitney went on to show Am. Can. Ch. McVan's Light My Fire "Jimmy" to Winners Dog - Hatboro Kennel Club October 2002 from the puppy class. She has also shown two Chyscott dogs to winner's bitch and winner's dog at Montgomery County. Whitney is now in college and enjoys her other passion of competitive barrel racing and horsemanship.


RebeccaPictures at left is Rebecca Formiller who put a best of breed win on Ch. McVan's Famous Amos when he was 8 months old and not yet a champion. Rebecca has now completed college.


Shannon Martinez has accomplished many things in the sport of purebred dogs. With her Australian terrier, she has earned top honors at the Monroe Fair twice. We met Shannon, her two sisters and Mom Sue a few years ago when they wanted to learn more about grooming terriers. Along the way, we talked Shannon into showing Scottish Terriers. ShannonMiss Shannon Martinez won theprestigious junior showmanship senior class at Montgomery County with Am. Can. Ch. Beameup McVan's Gold Digger "Anna Nicole." She also showed Ch. McVan's Rocket Man in breed competition for Joanne Young. Shannon has become a very special young woman to Vandra. Vandra is proud of her accomplishments with dogs but even more proud of her straight A average in high school. In the fall, Shannon is off to college.


Another accomplished young woman showing in junior showmanship is Ingrid Kooda. A straight-A student, like Shannon, Ingrid has done exceptional well in the juniors as well as show ring. Not only has she beat her mother, Margaret Kooda, DVM in the ring but she has many first places in juniors competition. One of my favorite memories is watching Ingrid Ingridbeat Bergit Coady, one of the top handlers in the U.S. as well as yours truly to earn winner's bitch at a show in Idaho under Mildred Byrant. She is shown with Ch. McVan's Legaly Blonde "Elle" who is expecting her second litter of puppies. Ingrid also showed Ch. McVan's Captain Courageous in juniors and breed competition. Ingrid also is active in other areas. She's built and earned high honors in a soap box derby competition, plays in the youth orchestra and is extremely active in Girl Scouts.


Our news junior showmanship protégé is Jessica Jorgenson. Jessica and her step mom Cheryl James have been involved with Scottish Terriers for many years, but primarily have focused on agility. Needing a dependable show dog, Jessica now co-owned Ch. McVan's Down Home Girl. JessicaWatch for updates in 2008 for this dynamic duo. Jessica is following in the footsteps of Cheryl and already is an accomplished dog photographer.


In Ohio, Joanne Young is working with two young juniors who are helping her show her McVan kids. Michael Thomas is working particular hard to understand the history of the breed as well as how to groom and show Scotties. Vandra has fun corresponding with Michael.


Vandra and her Michael are more than willing to work with any juniors who want to learn about Scottish Terriers. We believe young enthusiasts are the future of the breed. When available, we place retired champions with Scotties so they can have a quality dog to show in junior showman. Vandra's Tips for Showing in Juniors.


Vandra also loves to judge junior showmanship. Below she has developed a checklist for junior judges and young people learning to show dogs in a professional manner. Individuals are free to reproduce the handout for personal use or use in junior showmanship handling classes provided credit is given to Dr. Vandra L. Huber.


See the Junior Handler Checklist for quick pointers for Juniors.