McVan Links


Barbary Coast Scottish Terrier
A small show kennel in Michigan with lovely dogs. Maurine and Ron McConnel

Beinnein Scottish Terriers
Calgary kennel of Darle Heck. Home of American and Canadian Best in Show Dogs.

Dynasty Scottish Terriers
The top Scottish Terrier Kennel in South America. Operated by Mario Duarte and Jerson Valle

Scottish Terriers and West Highland White Terriers (and Akitas) in France

Invisble Touch Scottish Terriers
Located in Serbia. Check out Goran Gladic's lovely dogs.

Lucia's Dream Scottish Terriers
Small select kennel of top-winning Scottish Terriers in The Netherlands with Best in Show winners.

Paloma Scottish Terriers.
Adrien and Linda Sanchez

Land Rose Scottish Terriers.
Land Rose Kennel is located in Tokyo Japan with breeders/owners The Nakahars. Email:

Trotters Scottish Terriers.
A Small Kennel in the Vancouver, Canada Area

Crusade Kennels

Clubs and Associations

All Terrier Club of Western Washington Terrier group club in Western Washington

American Kennel Club

Canadian Scottish Terrier Club

Scottish Terrier Breeder and Exhibitors Association

Scottish Terrier Club of America

The Scottish Terrier Club (England)

Educational Sites Focusing on Scottish Terriers

Visualization of the Canadian Scottish Terrier Standard

Amplification of the American Standard

Scottish Terrier Breed Standard (England)

International Cynological Federation (FCI)

Health and Dogs

Canine Health Foundation

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Genetic testing kits for VWD. Search for a clinic to save money

Canine Health Information Center (CHIC)

Scottish Terriers and Cancer.
This site describes preventative measures for bladder cancer as well as describes one owner's costs and experiences.

Fun Sites

Scottish Terrier and Dog
A news and information blog with fun stories about Scotties and their humans

Raising Duncan
A Daily Cartoon about Living with a Scottish Terrier

Jacquie Lawson.
This site contains exquisite animated cards featuring dogs and cats. Unfortunately, there is not a Scottie but it is still a wonderful site.

Barney Cam
Follow the adventures of President Bush's dog Barney and his buddy Miss Beasley. The site is fun even if you're not a republican

Mike's photo site with lots of pictures of us , in our travels, and dogs.

Local Washington Dog Sites

All Terrier Club of Western Washington
Terrier group club in Western Washington

King County Licensing
It's useful to check to see if the individual has licensed his or her animals. You would need last name, address and telephone number

Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue
Useful for finding an animal of a specific breed. Usually costs much less. All animals are spayed/neutered

Sirius About Dogs
A nonprofit in Puget Sound that raises awareness about canine issues and supports dog related charities


Artwork by Darle Heck.
A wonderful canine artist who has drawn pictures of many McVan (as well as other ) Scottish Terriers and other breeds.

Bead for Life
This is one of Vandra's favorite charities. It helps take women out of poverty in Uganda. They sell exquisite beaded necklaces, bracelets and jewelry bags. Hold a bead party and learn about poverty in Uganda

Campbell's Scottish Terrier Collectibles

For the Love of Scottish Terriers

Marion Krupp's Scottie Art Work

RRazzy's Collection

SassyScot Collectibles, clothing, jewelry.

Scotty's Gifts and Collectibles

Westcoast Pet Supply