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The Flash Man Wins his 7th specialty

Am. Can. More...

New Champion McVan's Bop to the Top

McVan's Bop to the Top aka Topper finished his US championship by going Winner's Dog at the Scottish Terrier Club of California under terrier expert Wood Wornall. Topper was went Best in Sweepstakes under breeder judge Steve Russell. More...

Two National Specialties; 2 McVan Scotties

It doesn't happen often but it did for us. Gch. More...

Nora Finishes Her Israeli Championship

McVan's Come Away with Me "Nora" finished her Israeli championship at Terrier Club Show in Savion ( israel) under Breeder Judge Goran Gladic. She went BOS. More...

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The Flash Man Wins his 7th specialty 2017-08-05
New Champion McVan's Bop to the Top 2017-06-24
Two National Specialties; 2 McVan Scotties 2017-06-16
Nora Finishes Her Israeli Championship 2017-06-10
NEW Back to Back BISs for GchG McVan's Flash Gordon 2017-01-29
Flash Wins Another Specialty 2017-01-07
Bronze GCH. McVan's Flash Gordon Goes Group 1 2016-05-01
Big Bopper makes music in Baltimore 2016-04-24
McVan's Be Bop Boy at Chyscott Goes BOWS at STCA Rotating 2016-04-23
Robbie Earns Reserve Best in Show 2015-11-22
McVan Scotties Earns STCA Award 2015-10-03
McVan's Big Bopper at Beameup 2015-08-22
Big Bopper Does It Again -- Another Major 2015-08-22
Big Bopper Goes BOWs at Louisville specialty 2015-08-22
McVan's Flash Gordon 2015-07-25
McVan's Big Bopper Goes BISS at National 2015-06-06
Knopa Retires by Going Best in Show at Crufts 2015-03-08
Knopa Goes BOB At Westminster Dog Show 2015-02-17
Knopa Finishes 2014 Year as No. 1 Scottish Terrier 2015-01-29
New McVan Puppies 2014-12-25
Bravelet Established for Scottie Cancer 2014-12-11
Orion Finishes in grand style 2014-11-17
Nova Earns Group 1 Owner Handler and Much More... 2014-11-15
Lindy Lou Earns Group 3 2014-09-14
Knopa Scoring Big Across the US 2014-08-24
Happy Mothers Day with a Best in Show 2014-05-11
Knopa No. 1 in U.S. 2014-02-01
Knopa Earns Group 3 at Eukanuba 2013-12-16
Knopa Goes BISS at National Specialty 2013-10-06
Clean Sweep in Canadian Regional 2013-08-03
Betsy Tops Them All: The Most Specialty Wins in the History of the Breed 2013-08-01
Teddy Takes Finland by Storm 2013-07-13
GCH McVan's Be Bop Baby wins 17th specialty. 2012-10-13
Zoey Scores Big in Agility Competition 2012-10-08
Our Russian Boy Petie makes US Debue 2012-08-25
Fanny earns a major 2012-08-25
Ginny Goes BOB from the classes 2012-08-24
New McVan Babies 2012-07-17
Frankie and Amy (Age 14) win big 2012-07-02
Betsy Earns World Championship 2012-05-14
Betsy Goes BOB at Crufts 2012-03-11
Betsy BeBops to Back to Back Group 1s 2012-02-02
Zoey Earns Two Group Placements 2012-01-31
Betsy ends 2011 as #2 Scottie All Systems: Brother Frankie Not Far Behind 2012-01-31
Babies Eat First Meal 2012-01-29
Betsy Earns Best in Show in Puerto Rico 2011-10-29
Frankie and sister Fanny Win Big in Canada 2011-10-28
Knopa Earns 3 Best in Shows 2011-10-16
DeeDee wins Best in Sweeps and Best Puppy at Michigan Terrier show 2011-10-15
Betsy Earns Select Honors at National Specialty 2011-10-10
Michael Honored by STCA 2011-10-08
DeeDee wins Best in Sweeps and Best Puppy at Michigan Terrier show 2011-09-24
Betsy the Scottie earns Silver Grand Champion Status 2011-09-19
Frankie "GCH McVan's Sentimental Journey earns CHIC Health Certification 2011-09-16
Frankie Ranked No.4 Scottish Terrier 2011-08-18
Placed Year old Black Scottish Terrier Girl Available for Placement to Right Home 2011-08-18
DeeDee Earns 4Pt Major in Houston 2011-07-23
Betsy Continues her winning streak 2011-07-01
DeeDee wins Best Puppy in Group 2011-06-11
Betsy Wins WSSTC specialty 2011-06-10
McVan's To Russia with Love Wins Group 2 at Huge Luxenberg show 2011-04-30
DeeDee wins Best in Sweeps and Best Puppy at Michigan Terrier show 2011-03-25
Betsy Goes BOWs at Devon 2010-10-09
Frankie Goes Select at Devon 2010-10-09
Lacey Goes BISS at Louisville 2010-08-27
Anna and Jimmy Baby Girl Born 2010-07-19
Aurora and Zachery are Proud Parents 2010-07-13
Knopa Wins World Junior Title in Denmark 2010-06-25
A Group 1 for Frankie Who is Just 1 Year Old 2010-06-13
Puppies are so cute. 2010-06-12
Frankie Goes Best in Specialty Show 2010-06-11
Aurora garners "Select" honors three days in a row! 2010-06-11
Betsy Struts her stuff and wins sweepstakes 2010-06-11
Frankie Earns a Group 2 2010-06-11
Dizzy Ms. Lizzy Scores Big at Great Western 2010-06-10
Accomplishments of 2009 2009-12-28
McVan Babies Just Want to Have Fun! 2009-07-25
Zachery Finishes U.S. Championship 2009-07-04
Webster struts off with a new title 2009-06-14
Owner-Handled Group 4 for Ms. Lacey 2009-06-02
New Puppies for Annie and Carrie 2009-06-02
McVan Sweeps Up in Yakima 2009-06-01
Back to Back Best in Shows in USA and Canada 2009-06-01
Brenda Continues Winning Ways 2009-05-18
Aurora Finishes at Specialty 2009-05-17
Zachery Goes BOWs at Specialty 2009-05-17
Lacey Goes BOB From Classes 2009-05-16
Dante Earns AOM at Canadian National 2009-05-16
McVan Kids Do Well at National Specialty In Dayton 2009-04-27
Ronni finishes her American Championship 2009-04-20
Ginger Dances her Way Into Group Placements 2009-04-04
Ginger finishes her U.S. Championship! Sisters do well too! 2009-01-20
McVan's Rainy Day Man BOS at Eukanuba 2008-12-15
Am. Ch. McVan's E Equals MC-squared Thai Champion 2008-12-02
CH McVan's Jumpin' Jack Flash earns more Agility titles! 2008-12-02
McVan's Rainmaker earns Rally Advance & Excellent titles 2008-12-02
Montgomery Weekend Winners 2008-10-14
McVan's Fire Starter goes BIS Again! 2008-09-10
McVan's Bright Idea wins Puppy class! 2008-09-09
McVan's Rainmaker earns Rally Novice title 2008-09-09
Washington Scottie Specialty 2008-06-06
"Einstein" started off in the show ring 2008-04-08
New 2007 Champions 2007-12-28
Carrie's in the Whelping Box 2007-12-18
Jimmy Wins again! 2007-11-18
Out of Retirement 2007-11-10
Am. Ch. McVan's Firestarter finishes Canadian Championship 2007-10-25
Ch. McVan's Firestarter - Second Group 1 Win 2007-09-27
Am. Ch. McVan's Firestarter "Carrie" wins again 2007-08-30
Am. Can. Ch. McVan's Light My Fire wins again! 2007-06-13