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The Flash Man Wins his 7th specialty

Am. Can. More...

New Champion McVan's Bop to the Top

McVan's Bop to the Top aka Topper finished his US championship by going Winner's Dog at the Scottish Terrier Club of California under terrier expert Wood Wornall. Topper was went Best in Sweepstakes under breeder judge Steve Russell. More...

Two National Specialties; 2 McVan Scotties

It doesn't happen often but it did for us. Gch. More...

Nora Finishes Her Israeli Championship

McVan's Come Away with Me "Nora" finished her Israeli championship at Terrier Club Show in Savion ( israel) under Breeder Judge Goran Gladic. She went BOS. More...

Bravelet Established for Scottie Cancer




Bravelet Established for Scottie Cancer


I am very excited. I promised myself to do something for good. So I have set up a bravelet which will benefit research on cancer in Scottish Terriers. I have chosen blue was one color because Scotties are winners and anyone who loves them is a winner too. I chose red because I love red.
These bracelets and necklace can be order and sent immediately. Get them for all your friends for a meaningful Holiday gift. $10 for each bravelet goes to the Scottish Terrier Club of America's Health Trust Fund. Kids like them, adults like them and scotties will love to chew them up so you can buy more! Please share the link. I want it to go around the world.
Cancer in Scottish Terriers
Bravelets stylish cause jewelry is made to help people be brave during tough times. $10 from every purchase is donated to the associated cause � wear a Bravelets bracelet and be brave!
Money goes Directly to Health Trust from Bravelets.