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The Flash Man Wins his 7th specialty

Am. Can. More...

New Champion McVan's Bop to the Top

McVan's Bop to the Top aka Topper finished his US championship by going Winner's Dog at the Scottish Terrier Club of California under terrier expert Wood Wornall. Topper was went Best in Sweepstakes under breeder judge Steve Russell. More...

Two National Specialties; 2 McVan Scotties

It doesn't happen often but it did for us. Gch. More...

Nora Finishes Her Israeli Championship

McVan's Come Away with Me "Nora" finished her Israeli championship at Terrier Club Show in Savion ( israel) under Breeder Judge Goran Gladic. She went BOS. More...

Montgomery Weekend Winners




Montgomery Weekend Winners


McVan's Rainy Day Man "Devon" ( Ch. McVan's Infernal and Ch. McVan's Run Round Sue) was WD, BOS AND BOS at the Thursday Hatsboro Show under Judge Thom Parotti. On Friday Devon was also WD under Harry O'Donoghue. Devon is owned by Jerson Valle and Victor Malzoni.

McVan's Thrill of the Hunt at Chyscott (Ch. chyscott's First Knight and Ch. McVan's Fire Starter) was the division winner in STCA sweepstakes and won his class each day he was shown. he is owned by LaRae and Whitney shafter and Krissy Simmons.

Hunter's sister McVan's Keeper of the Stars owned by Joanne Young also placed her her classes.

Ch. McVan's Rocket Man NAP, NJP, NA, JE, RN, NAJ OAOAJ won the earth dog championship class at Montgomery. He is one of only two scotties to have qualified for the versatility award offered by the SFBSTC.

BIS Am. Can. Ch. McVan's Firestarter "Carrie" received an award of merit at Montgomery and 3rd in the brood bitch class. We are fortunate to own this beautiful Scottie.

McVan's Trip the Light Fantastic "Ginger" placed every day in the open class -- even though she is just over a year old.