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The Flash Man Wins his 7th specialty

Am. Can. More...

New Champion McVan's Bop to the Top

McVan's Bop to the Top aka Topper finished his US championship by going Winner's Dog at the Scottish Terrier Club of California under terrier expert Wood Wornall. Topper was went Best in Sweepstakes under breeder judge Steve Russell. More...

Two National Specialties; 2 McVan Scotties

It doesn't happen often but it did for us. Gch. More...

Nora Finishes Her Israeli Championship

McVan's Come Away with Me "Nora" finished her Israeli championship at Terrier Club Show in Savion ( israel) under Breeder Judge Goran Gladic. She went BOS. More...

New Puppies for Annie and Carrie




New Puppies for Annie and Carrie


Puppies, puppies every where. The first week of June saw the birth of two litters of puppies. Anna Nicole and Jimmy had a litter of three scotties. The litter included one exceptional wheaten girl, a smaller black boy and a fiesty but small wheaten boy.

A few days later, her daughter McVan's Fire Starter "Carrie" had a litter for four puppies. There were three beautiful black girls and one wheaten boy, all puppies were of good size with nice coats.

It's now 8 weeks later and the puppies are doing well. They have had their shots, they are eating sold food. Anna is teaching them to be tough scotties and to stand up own their feet. They enjoy their twice daily romps through the hall ways and love a rubber toy with a bell in it.