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Bronze GCH. McVan's Flash Gordon Goes Group 1

Bronze GCH McVan's Flash Gordon "Flash" wins a group 1 under terrier expert Bruce Schwartz. He is shown by Rebecca Cross and assisted and loved by Kelsey Jesseph​. More...

Big Bopper makes music in Baltimore

At less than 18 months of age, new Ch. McVan's Big Bopper at Beameups walks off with Best in Special Show honors at the 2016 STCA rotating specialty held in Baltimore, WA. More...

McVan's Be Bop Boy at Chyscott Goes BOWS at STCA Rotating

McVan's Be Bop Boy at Chyscott earns Best of Winner's at 2016 STCA Rotating Specialty. Blake is the full brother of breed winner Ch. More...

Robbie Earns Reserve Best in Show

Exciting news from Puerto Rico. Aulscot's Treasure Island of McVan bred by Allene C. More...

Accomplishments of 2009




Accomplishments of 2009


McVan Scotties is proud of the accomplishments of their dogs during 2009. Our achievements have included:

San Francisco Scottish Terrier Verstality Award –
Ch. McVan’s Rocket Man, NJP, NAP, NA, NAJ,OA, OAJ, RN JE
Owned by Joanne Young

Duff De Pac Man Puppy Dog Trophy
Am. Thailand Ch. McVan’s E Equals Mc-Squared
Owned by Dr. Teerana Bhongmakapat

Specialty Winners
Ch. McVan’s Trip the Light Fantastic "Ginger"
(BISS WSSTC specialty)
Am. Can. Ch. McVan’s Light My Fire "Jimmy"
(BISS BC All Terrier Club)
Ch. McVan’s Northern Lights
(BOWs Northern CA, BOS BC Terrier Club, G1 ATCWW)
Ch. McVan’s Power of Love "Brenda"
Ch. McVan’s Light of My Life
(BISweeps, WSSTC, WD BC Terrier Specialty)
McVan’s Lighning and Lace Strikes Ballyhoo
(Louisville BISweeps and WB)
Ch. Lucia's Dream Summer Lightning "Zachery"
WD, Nor California Terrier Association

New Champions for the year:
Am. Can. Ch. McVan’s Light of My Life “Webster”
Ch. McVan’s Lights, Camera, Action
Am. Can. Ch. McVan’s Northern Lights “Aurora”
Ch. McVan’s Power of Love “Brenda”
Ch. McVan’s Some Kind of Wonderful “Ronni”
Ch. McVan’s Trip the Light Fantastic “Ginger”
Ch. McVan’s Blinded by the Light “Maxwell”
Ch. Lucia’s Dream Summer Lightning “Zachery”